Calibration system

The basic TorqueStar Opta performs bidirectional measurement of torque, angle and pulse count in track, peak, 1st peak (click) and pulse measurement modes. For additional information, cycle time duration and tool speed can also be displayed. Force can be measured independently. Time and date stamped readings can be set to print automatically. The easy to read display gives a simultaneous view of all relevant information during the measurement process, while the simple alphanumeric keypad enables fast data entry when required.
Light enough for carrying on a neckstrap, yet robust to withstand the rigours of the factory environment, TorqueStar Opta also sports integrated rubber bumpers to protect finished product from accidental damage.

  • Torque or force indicator and data collector.
  • Simple readout to comprehensive audit tool.
  • Display of torque curves and specialist measurement routines.
  • Torque, angle and impulse count.
  • Track, peak, 1st peak (click) and pulse measurement.
  • User selectable frequency response.
  • Choice of measurement units.
  • Bi-directional measurement of torque and angle.
  • Upper and Lower Specification limits, plus Control Limits for torque and angle.
  • Time and date stamped readings with selectable autoprint.
  • Automatic transducer recognition.
  • Icon based clear and easy read display.
  • User selectable language options.
  • 8 hours battery life with external charger.
  • Password protection for user security.
  • Communicates with your PC system.