Bottle cap tester

The new CTS is your best-buy in features and price. It is valued engi- neer to satisfy any testing of cap torque. CTS is reliable and accurate testing equipment for bottle or Jar with all type of cap. It is suitable for any industries such as packaging, food & beverage, pharmaceuti- cal. It can also be used for testing industrial parts and component in industries such as automobile, electrical and any applicable torque testing requirement for quality control or for setting up machine.
  • Strong metal enclosures.
  • High resolution graphical display, whilte backlit.
  • Analog bar, Pass-Fail LED light indicator, units adapter operated selectable.
  • Menu driven, user friendly screen.
  • Standard USB or RS232 communication ports.
  • 500 memory records, easy transfer of data.
  • Accuracy 0.5% of full scale.
  • Rechargeable battery operated, or AC.
  • Clock-Wise or Counter-Clock-Wise operation.
  • Good service, support and spare parts.
  • Warranty of 1 year.