Joint kits

Calibration system

This joint kit is designed as a convenient, repeatable, variable stiffness joint for assessing the performance of torque tools in a practical way. It can be used with the Crane Electronics range of female square drive stationary (static) transducers.

Each kit may be assembled in different ways to vary the stiffness of the joint. Reference should be made to TABLE 1 to select from the available options. Care should be taken to ensure that as well as choosing the most suitable stiffness, the maximum torque for the joint is not exceeded. Please note that the joint kit is not designed to provide an exact joint stiffness.

Torque tools are influenced by joint hardness. For a more accurate assessment of how your torque tool will perform in production use, Crane recommends the use of an in line transducer (such as CheckStar) to take joint variability into account.