Company profile

Summit Engineering Technology Pvt Ltd is a leading product and service provider to the assembly/ maintenance industry and have been serving the field for more than
25 years. The range of products include Torque wrenches, Digital Torque wrenches, Dial Torque wrenches,Torque Screwdrivers, Torque Calibration Equipment, variety
of hand tools . These tools have been used by consumers like Automobile Industry, Aerospace Industry, Electronics Industry, Military & Defence, Utilities like Oil
& Gas, Consumer Products, and Moulding industry.
Our products are in accordate with EN ISO 6789:2003 and the quality system has been found in conformity to standard UNI EN ISO 9001:2008.

Summit Engineering Technology Pvt Ltd offer great value on the supplied products. We are equipped with Torque checking equipment upto 2000 Nm and have our
own repair and service centre based in Navi Mumbai.

We provide expertise to our customers in static tool planning & installation. We provide training to end users on usage of equipment supplied by us. We also
conduct basic training sessions about Torque at operator level.

We are continuously upgrading ourselves keeping in mind the changing needs of the Industry. We also undertake development of tools based on customer specific needs.

We strive for customer satisfaction and undertake stringent quality checks to ensure quality productsare delivered.

We have ensured that support services are available across India and have sales/service partners having equal experience in similar field of operations.