Torque wrench Calibrator

The new DTS is your best-buy in features and price. It is ideal for test- ing precision of small power torque tools, and hand operated tools. DTS is a reliable and accurate tester for quality assurance as well as for calibration of your torque tools.
  • Strong and light all-aluminum enclosures.
  • Wide range capacities from 0.5.
  • High resolution graphical display screen, white backlit.
  • Analog bar, Pass-Fail LED light indicator, multiple units selectable.
  • Menu driven, user friendly screen.
  • Both USB or RS232 communication ports come as standard.
  • 500 memory records with easy transfrer for data to computer.
  • 0.5% accuracy of full capacity.
  • Rechargeable battery operated, or AC adapter operated.
  • Rundown adapter for power tools testing and are provided.
  • Full service, support and spare parts.
  • Warranty of 1 year minimum applied.